What Coaching Style Are You?

Every coach has a coaching style and it’s important for the coach and the ‘coachee’ to understand the differences of each style. Below we have put the key ones we use in our Coaching Directory. If you have any more information you’d like to add, please comment below.

Authentic style of coaching means that the coach values genuine relationships that supports connection and creating an environment allows the client to feel they can be themselves

Autocratic style of coaching make decisions for the client, this is because they coach may feel they have the expertise to define what the client must do and feels more dictatorial so the client has little input

Bureaucratic style of coaching is focus on procedural regulations and is often required for organisations who have clear guidelines and models to adhere too

Creative style of coaching uses modalities and processes that use creativity as a tool to achieve the goal of the client

Democratic style of coaching takes into account the interests, concerns, and choices of the people involved and works with the clients to meet their goals and needs

Developmental style of coaching works with clients to support the growth of their goals in partnership as they promote and recognise their skills to reach goals

Direct style of coaching is a ‘tough love’ approach. Being not overly concerned with what the client may think of them but always putting the wellbeing and benefit of the client first

Goal Orientated  style of coaching is very focused on  the goal, even bringing goals inside each session in a structured way way with clear deliverables

Heart Centered style of coaching is bringing out the purpose and values into alignment with the clients goals 

Holistic style of coaching is when the coach looks at all parts of the persons life. There is the understanding of the spiritual and emotional impact and they work to integrate that into the practical 

Intuitive style of coaching is working with clients by sharing thoughts and insights that may emerge from the moment in the session including enabling clients to learn to trust their own inner perspectives

Nurturing style of coaching is being mindful of the clients state of mind and emotional disposition, therefore giving addition support in a warmer and heartfelt manner in order to create a safe space

Practical style of coaching gives the client assurances that there is a simple step by step way to achieve their goals with less stress

Relaxed style of coaching is focusing on letting the session flow and move with a loose goal and guidance of what needs to be achieved, thus focusing more on the experience and letting the outcome be more organic and unexpected

Strategic style of coaching is spending more time and focus on planning


If you would like to know more about coaching styles, then you can check out our resources to learn more!