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Struggling making your business vision work? ​ Have a passion for what you do, a vision for a very specific wellness experience you want others to enjoy? ​​But… no matter how hard you work, it’s not reflected in your bottom line. Perhaps you:are always chasing new clients or struggling to find people to fill your group classes
have no work-life balance
feel you’re not good enough, despite doing lots of upskilling. ​
Then let me help!

I’m Tania Huddart — a certified life coach, neuro-linguistics practitioner, and experienced business owner.

Regardless of whether you’re starting your business or a seasoned entrepreneur, I can help you reach your dreams for your business.  I can help you:

  • connect your business vision with your clients’ wants and needs
  • find ways to change how you think about your business and create one that serves you!

I offer 3 coaching options, with different levels of support and pricing.


Perfect if you want private coaching, and want to uncover, understand, and align your objectives.

  • Includes:pre-session self-guided exercises
  • a 1.5 hour discovery session to help you develop strategies and start your coaching journey
  • 4 x follow-up, 60-minute coaching sessions
  • 3 or 4 accountability emails
  • email support throughout.


A monthly membership option. Being part of our Academy group helps to motivate you and inspires you with new ideas by listening to how others solve problems. We have an extensive video library, worksheets and a monthly live masterclass every second Wednesday of the month at 10:30am.


  • access to the Academy video library
  • access to our Facebook group
  • monthly recorded mastermind
  • email, facebook group support throughout.​
  • add a coaching call to help you with a specific problem


A great way to meet your specific goals!
​Perfect option for team-building events, workshops, or conferences.

I’d love to collaborate and design a coaching solution that fits your specific goals.


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