Breakup Recovery Action Plan

Breakup Recovery Action Plan


Product Description

I’m sharing with you every single secret I have acquired in my 50+ years, including things I have never shared publically, and giving you step-by-step encouragement to feel better about your breakup without holding anything back. I call my coaching method The Painful Truth because there is no quick fix to stop hurting from your breakup. No gimmick or false guarantee will bring your ex back, because people have free will. Use your broken heart as motivation to become the best version of yourself. If you do get a second chance with your ex things need to change, so you can make it last this time. But first, this action plan will help you recognize if your ex is even right for you, and if not, how you can find someone better.

The Straight Forward Truth
I’m not saying you will get over your breakup overnight. It is entirely up to you when you’ll heal. There is no magic formula to make you immediately forget your pain, as much as we all wish there was. It’s only your willingness to explore The Painful Truth about how your ex isn’t good for you that will ultimately make you feel better.

I truly believe if you fully commit to all my action steps, and do the necessary work to grow, you will become a better version of yourself and create the happy life you desire.

What I Can Guarantee
This is absolutely the best Action Plan when you are in Breakup Recovery. I have spent more than 200 hours, putting together 3 decades of knowledge into this action plan for you, and it offers so much more than I could possibly fit into a few coaching sessions, plus it will allow me to truly be there for you 24/7.

I honestly believe this is the best information you’ll find anywhere about healing from a breakup. It’s 100% up to date, fresh, and in-depth. It’s not a bunch of abstract theories but rather a lifetime of knowledge that shows you step-by-step how to move forward and be happy either with or without your ex. But I believe if any program is going to help you get your ex back then it’s this one.


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