Finance and strategy are the most essential tools we have in business today and it impacts every aspect of an organisation, that is why I’m passionate about creating strategies that disrupt and transform. I am proud that I was one of the first females at NAB to run a Business Banking Centre and went on to be CEO of Bank of Sydney, which allowed me to champion other women in financial services. In fact empowering women about finance is my passion, to educate and inform women how to be in charge of their own future is the most important impact I can have. I am currently working as a Board Chair + Committee Member for NSW Department of Industry, Australian Invoice Finance, P&N Bank and NSW Trustee & Guardian. I enjoy the diversity of this work as it enables me to keep my finger on the pulse of the business and financial services industry.​

At present I am also consulting to Corporations, entrepreneurs, small businesses owners and executives, I deliver keynotes and enjoy commentating on business and finance in the media. I do look forward to taking a business to new heights and creating a future proof strategy in today’s rapidly changing landscape.



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