Carrie Benedet launched the Global Leaders Thrive’ Program in 2021,  where 24 Presenters from 8 Countries shared their leadership secrets to culture, business and education. These masterclasses are now available to the public!


  • Global Leaders Thrive Masterclasses

    Cities from around the world, talking education, business and culture.

    $ 35.00

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    Carrie Benedet Leadership Coaching is dedicated to giving today’s educators the edge on their leadership skills. Whether you work in education, a corporate business or you are an entrepreneur looking to thrive, global leadership is how to be future fit.

    Carrie Benedet works with individuals and teams to help them take that next step in their career. You can work with carrie with her one-on-one coaching or join her immersive workshops. Experiencing her Global Leaders Thrive Masterclasses will change how you see leadership and answer the question ‘Does culture lead leadership or leadership lead culture?’