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The V Coach Directory is a free to use search platform, connecting you to a diverse network of independent coaches as well as their courses & events. Our coaches include business coaches, executive coaches, career coaches, life coaches, wellness coaches, spiritual coaches, health coaches, style coaches, relationship coaches, love coaches and more! We are essentially a one-stop-coach-shop! 
The V Coach Directory is also a marketing and support platform for coaches to help leverage their business and connect them to the right clientele!




Anyone looking to connect with the right coach, achieve a goal, receive personalised services, experience a transformation, live their dream life, and more! We work with both individuals and organisations to find aligned matches with the right specialists.
It’s our goal to help coaching businesses grow and to connect clients to the right coach. Our Directory is open to individual coaches, group organisations, coaching schools, master coaches, and new coaches growing their businesses.

The V Team are focused on modernising the way people locate the right coach. Our user-friendly interface and accessible search function promote people from all walks of life to explore the idea of working with and connecting to a coach. The V Team’s priority is to have motivated clients to connect with coaches through our value-driven marketing campaigns. We connect you to the right clientele through our personalised searches, including our core Coach Style filter and the FREE Coach Matcher services.


VILLAGE – Your support system is vital to learn and grow
VISON – Dream it and build it! Create the life you want
VALUE – Understand your worth and own it





Simply put, having a directory profile is one of the most cost-effective ways to promote your coaching business and enhance your marketing mix. The V Coach Directory takes A LOT of the guesswork out for clients, simplifying the information in one curated space where they can itemise their specific needs and connect with the right coach. Furthermore, our integrated site and dedicated marketing strategies are designed to drive traffic back to your business profile(s) with each of your event listings, course listings, workshop listings, blog articles, newsletter posts, social support and select podcast interviews.



Our inclusive Directory covers several angles for clients to connect with you and your business.
1.     The first way is through our core search function. Clients can search by listing type (coach profiles, events, courses, and organisations), industry type, specialisation, location, and our personalised coach-style filter.
2.     The second way is through our Coach Matcher Service, where individuals and organisations can reach out directly to the V Team for a specific need or clients new to the coaching process. This program is free for both clients and coach members to apply; however, it is by application/approval for coaches.
3.     The third way is through our ongoing SEO, marketing, PR, and social efforts. The V Coach Directory is managed by expert marketing specialists who utilise all marketing streams to get more eyes on your profile.
4.     The final way is for you to set up an engaging business profile. People can authentically connect with you when you fill in all sections of your listings, have a professional photo of yourself, write monthly blogs, and upload a branded video of yourself.







Our goal is to direct people seeking coach support to the V Coach Directory so they can connect with coaches like you.  The V Teams marketing strategy ranges from dedicated promotional space on our owned media, engaging with the press, a roster of social media ads, and substantial SEO optimisation. We have it all covered to engage clients looking for a coach and potential clients who are not yet familiar with the process.

Essentially, more eyes on the V Coach Directory = more clients for coaches



Our monthly membership costs include:
1.     BASIC $18 USD (coach profile only): Perfect for new coaches or coaches who do not operate events or courses.
2.     FEATURED $28 USD (1 coach profile and 2 additional listings): This membership is value-driven. Not only can you post 2 new courses or events per month you will also receive dedicated profile support through our site and social network. A few (randomly chosen) coaches will also be featured in our social media ads!
3.     ORGANISATION $99 USD (Up to 12 listings): Our Organisation members can post multiple coach profiles, events, and courses. This subscription is designed for coaches who run various courses/events per month, coaching groups, and coaching academies.
See JOIN AS A COACH for more details on inclusions






Nope! All we charge is your monthly membership fee and the rest is in your pocket! 


To calculate your base level projected ROI from being on V Coach Directory, simply equate the income you would generate from booking a client through our Directory and compare that to the annual cost of your monthly subscription.
As a base example, for a FEATURED membership if you booked in just 4 clients for 3 sessions at $500 per person:
Membership Costs – $28 USD x 12 months = $336 USD
Client revenue – $500 USD x 4 = $2000
ROI: $1664
This is a base example, ultimately any other bookings or clients found through V Coach Directory will be more income for you and your business!








Not yet! However, if you would like to trial the V Coach Directory for a month, send our V Team an email, and we will set you up!



All professional coaches are welcome to join our Directory if they adhere to our specified coach credentials (see next question), operate their business with good intentions and agree to our terms and conditions.



We ask that you either have extensive experience in your field (ideally 2+ years), recognised/relevant postsecondary education, and/or have an industry recognised coach certification (our team will be authenticating with ICF)



We have four types of listings that are integrated into your business profile:

1.     Coach Profile Listing: This is where you really shine! Include an overview of your business, professional headshot, reviews, services, contact details, coach style, coach specialisations etc.
2.     Event Listing: Showcase your methodology with a free event or promote a paid workshop. This is a listing you can change once a month for FEATURED and ORGANISATION members only.
3.     Course Listing: Like your event listings, showcase your methodology with a free or cost-based course. This is a listing you can change once a month for FEATURED and ORGANISATION members only.





BASIC: 0 – only your coach profile

FEATURED: 2 events and/or course listings per month + your coach profile
ORGANISATION: Up to 11 events and/or courses per month, depending on how many coach profiles you list




Don’t worry, we have your back! The V Team offers a FREE member-only BUSINESS SUPPORT FORUM where marketing and guest experts will share insights to optimise your V coach profile and tips on enhancing your business. Did we mention it’s FREE?!



For coaches either starting a new business, looking to revamp their business or boost their marketing and/or social engagement – our passionate marketing experts offer generous MEMBER ONLY discounts on social media, marketing, SEO management as well as brand coaching. Our packages are designed to help you elevate your brand and get more eyes on YOUR owned media. 


All FEATURED and ORGANISATION coach profiles receive a dedicated introduction and ongoing support via our social networks, homepage, and the VIP client newsletter. However, ALL members can submit updates, quotes, or offers to our VIP client newsletter via the account dashboard. In addition, for select coaches (with established profiles), our marketing team will showcase their profile in our paid social ads!



Another exciting way to connect with clients! Our V Coach Directory Coach Matcher service is by application and approval only. FEATURED and ORGANISATION members can submit their request by the dashboard by providing at least two positive reviews from their client network, have an active directory account, an operating website, and have at least two years’ experience in their field and/or are fully IFC certified.



Our podcast is by invitation only for V Coach Directory coaches, entrepreneurs and select clients. To be considered for an interview, we recommend ensuring your profile has been fully completed and submit a blog for our reference. If you wish to suggest a client to share their experience or if you are an entrepreneur who has greatly benefited from coaching, send your podcast request to the V Team for review (include your business website, contact details, a short statement on your experience, and your call to action)



Easy breezy! If you are a FEATURED and ORGANISATION member, head to your dashboard and click ‘submit a blog’ on the top menu. Please note that submissions are based on our team’s review, approval, and publishing availability. See full T&Cs for more details.


Known as the V Team (although we affectionately call ourselves ‘the DREAM team’), we have a powerhouse of marketing specialists behind the curtains ranging from our SEO experts, brand managers, IT masters, marketing, and communication gurus. With a combination of over 40+ years in marketing, the V Coach Directory is managed by our Founder/CEO Scarlett Vespa or ‘Mrs V’ (brand expert and life design coach) and our COO Kat Remy.

Fun fact 1: Scarlett was one of the first female TV commercial directors in Australia!
Fun Fact 2: Both Scarlett and Kat independently led successful careers in the entertainment industry for many years! Working with talent including Nicole Kidman, Meatloaf, Jack Thompson, Taika Waititi, Iris Apfel, Ronan Keating, Baz Luhrmann, Russel Crowe, and many more!



If you have forgotten your password, head to the sign-in page and select ‘lost your password’ to resend via email. If you simply want to change your password, head to ‘ACCOUNT OWNER’ on your dashboard


Simple! To upgrade or change your membership type, head to ‘MY SUBSCRIPTIONS’ on your dashboard and select ‘UPGRADE SUBSCRIPTION.’

Absolutely! We understand plans change or things don’t work out. Note that your subscript will be billed to the end of your subscript date month.

Before you go! Please do let us know if you need any help in optimising your membership. Contact the V Team if you feel you aren’t receiving appropriate leads or are unsure why your profile isn’t getting much traction.
If you are sure the V Coach Directory isn’t for you, we are sad to see you go, but no hard feelings! To cancel your membership, head to ‘MY SUBSCRIPTIONS’ on your dashboard and select ‘Cancel’ in the first box. Note that your subscript will be billed to the end of your subscript date month.



Contact our friendly V TEAM if you have any additional questions. We are more than happy to help!
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