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“I believe Success belongs to all of us at any stage or any age in life. If you don’t feel it, then it’s time to redesign and tell a different story about YOU.”

With a media and advertising career spanning over 25+ years, Scarlett Vespa’s role has adapted from movie magic to success advocate. Success is inherent for Scarlett, founding her career as a production manager on set with Hollywood heavyweights such as Nicole Kidman, Meat Loaf and Jack Thompson. Following her intuition, she transitioned from the film industry to produce and direct corporate advertising for clients including Disney, Westfield and David Jones – going on to be named one of the first female TVC Directors in Australia. Later she took on the role of Head of Broadcast for Commonwealth Bank (CBA), generating million-dollar revenues, then built a booming digital marketing agency and launched her blog ‘The Style of Mrs V’. Scarlett grew her expansive career all while raising her son, surviving a divorce, discovering herself on a spiritual journey in Nepal, finding the true soulmate Mr Vespa, losing most everything, and then rebuilding her empire.

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